Feb 3, 2011

It's Hot! It's Damn Hot!

For those of us in Sydney, it has been insanely hot over the past week. At the beginning of summer everyone was moaning over the rain and the crap start to summer. But now? It has reached the high 30s at school for the past week. Luckily my art room has the benefit of two (!) airconditioners. That's two more than my house people!

Well...I have some news for you. I hate summer. Perhaps this stems from my days in high school when my friends would often call me 'sweaty pits' or perhaps it comes from my genes as both my parents are from the Motherland. Either way, I don't deal well with the heat. Bring on autumn and winter I say!

Richard Glover from Sydney's 702AM station (yes, I listen to AM on my drive to and from work) was playing the audio from this video on Tuesday when it hit 41.8deg out in Penrith. Therefore I felt it an appropriate tribute to Sydney's weather this week.

Till next time...

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