Apr 15, 2011

Wardrobes Ahoy!

It's official... we have wardrobes and they are AMAZING! Two guys rocked up on a Monday morning 8am and were finished at 12:45pm that day. I thought it was going to take at least 2 days. I am so pleased with the company we chose to go with as the build quality is fantastic. We did choose to "up" a few things- we got 6 draws instead of 5 and added a pelmet/cornice at the top to finish the look off. I managed to paint the wall behind our bed the day before they got installed (albeit hungover) and this helped tie the room together. We've just recently inherited (stolen) some old bedside tables from Mr A's mum (this is where the majority of the things in our house come from!) and I am aiming to paint them the same grey as the buffet in the kitchen.  So here are some pics...

I chose the section closest to my side of the bed... and didn't realise it was smaller then Mr A's section until I'd moved my stuff in. Just means I've taken over the long hanging space in the middle...

Ringo enjoying the new linen

The wardrobe in the spare room... otherwise commonly known as the junk yard. Missing the top cornice (it got damaged in transit)

Token cute dog photo
So that's the wardrobes. No they haven't solved my inability to hang clothes up after I've worn them, but I do appreciate them! Particularly after being without them for a year!

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