Mar 5, 2011

Bedroom Update, update

Quick post- just working on our bedroom update. Today I bought the new bedding which includes a grey/silver sheet set, Sheridan Vener Quilt cover (see below) and a white valance for our new bed base (which is really just my mums old one).

 Loving the styling of this shot! The chair and white details.

I have put together this moodboard- and its really helped in collating all my ideas/images into one place. I just created a blank A4 page in Photoshop CS5 and started copying/pasting. You'll also note my really bad bedroom mockup- which I did by copying and painting. But at least it allows you to visualise where you're headed.

The wardrobes are being installed on the 21st March and I am slightly excited. And by that I mean I am pumped! I just hope to hell that they look decent... and they should with the amount of coin we're spending on them. I'm hoping they will revolutionise my life and will make me a neat and tidy person, rather then the grub that I am.

Still need to pick up old bed base from the parentals and test it out, have to make the headboard (or buy this one from Ikea) and paint the feature wall. This also means deciding on the perfect grey- not an easy task. I am pleased however that finally our bedroom will look like a grown ups room- as opposed to a 16 yr old boys room with clothes strewn around.

Keep posted!

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