Jul 23, 2011

The sound of one hand clapping...

Hello hello... It's been a long time between posts- try an entire school term. The reason for the lack of creative juices is the nature of my work. Whilst I love teaching, it is very creatively draining. So by the time I get home all I want to do is sit on other people's blogs and live vicariously through their creativity.

Today I am going to post some lovely pics I have been collecting. I recently got an IPad 2 and am loving it. It is fantastic for internet browsing and means I can sit on the lounge with it on my lap for hours on end. So here are some inspirational photos of bedrooms, kitchens etc... This is the sort of stuff that gets my creative juices flowing these days- it's like interior design porn.

Enjoy x

How fab is that sign? I reckon a DIY version of that would be in the realm of possibility.

I love love love red doors and intend to have my own one day. However as our house is currently an undesirable version of peach- it might take a while...

Red... Ahhh

I do love monochromatic schemes, but my heart lies with colour.

I need to inject some green into our ever increasing primary colored house!

This is ammmmmazing! Unfortunately this is unattainable in our house, but I love the idea of this- perfect for reading Sunday papers.

Staircase envy?

Kitchen envy? One day...

Very girly...

I like the fact this kitchen has only bottom cabinets- I really think it keeps the room open and airy. Will definitely be considering doing this in our kitchen.

Ahh Kelly green... Be still my beating heart!

Until next time x


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